TOEtally Trampled III
Updated: December 6, 2009
Released: March 4, 2009
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There is nothing more relaxing than having a former NY Cop suck on my Heels and Toes! Marcy and I had Mychal start off his second trample session (in the same week) with some soothing Foot Worship. We made Mychal lick our Spike Heel Mules clean and then he had to suck on our Heels. He massaged our feet and legs and sucked on our toes while our High Heels were still on and then again when our feet were completely bare. Ohhhhhh how relaxing that was! I love to have a hot tongue and mouth wrapped around my Toes.

After Mychal cleaned our Spike Heels with his tongue, we used the Sharp Heels to trample him. After trampling him, I gave him a couple of quick kicks for fun.

Recently, I sold 2 pairs of High Heels in an auction on E-Banned, which is the X-Rated equivalent of E-Bay. Anyway, Mychal was the winning bidder for both pairs of Heels and he wanted me to trample him in the shoes he bought. This clip is that request. I wore the Sasha of London Pumps with the Red Heels and Marcy wore the other pair of sharp Heels. Notice that the Heel tips on the Sasha Flame Stilettos are broken off. I broke off the Heel tips while I was doing some severe CRUSHING on my patio for another clip store. The Heels are EXPOSED with the "star" shaped ends of the metal spikes that support the Heels. They look like tiny meat shredders and they do shred meat! These Metal Tipped Spikes leave their mark every where I step on Mychal's skin. Mychal is a tough guy, and remember, this is his second day of hard trampling, but Marcy and I got him to scream
RED twice in this clip! He was in Major pain from my EXPOSED Metal Tipped Heels.

I taped the Stiletto Sasha Pump, that caused him so much pain, over his mouth and nose so he could smell my stinky feet as we trampled him. I slipped on my Hard Soled, Fuchsia, Open Toe Platform Pumps to Trample him. But he cried "Red" almost as soon as Marcy and I started trampling him because of the pain we inflicted on him just a few minutes before. I think we broke his ribs. So, we decided to trample him barefoot and we wanted to give him a Foot Job for all the pain he received in the week it took to shoot two complete videos. I used my
Long Red Toe Nails to scrape and gouge his cock and balls while Marcy stood full weight on his cock to make him cum. And what a load of cum he spewed out!

Also included are 2 preview clips at the end of this video with lots of Trampling, screaming victims, and CUM.

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